Happy New Year FCDC Partners!

  We on the board of the First Coast Diversity Council hope that everyone is having a great start to your new year.  While taking the time to close out 2019 and reflect on last year it brings so much excitement and joy to think about the impacts we made on our community.  Our council is doing some really positive work in our communities and we appreciate all of your support, development and partnership on this journey.


As we turn the page on a new decade, 2020 this is our year that the stars will align for the positive work we will continue to do for our people.  It is a year that brings a sense of appreciation and inclusion for our community.  Everyone has a different sense of community and the best part about the members of our council is how hard we are all working to strive for excellence through serving one another. 


In 2020, the FCDC is rolling our a very unique and dynamic learning series for our members.  This series is geared about taking a deeper approach to inclusive learning and while diving further into the topics that are impacting each one of us on a day to day basis.  This learning series will be made up of six half day sessions with facilitators from around the United States bringing over a century of expertise in many different fields combined.  As we have navigated the way the last six months of standing up this new learning series I could not be more excited around the overall response we have received from our partner companies.  The word is out on this series and the impacts it will have on each one of you will be significant in your development within the D&I space.


As we talk about and will continue to talk about our council is special because everything we do is done with love, care and from the heart.  Your board members at the FCDC work with a serving mentality to ensure we are bringing the best experience for all you.  Come join us on this journey in 2020 and we promise you will gain a deeper knowledge and experience!


Your President,


Robert Mckimm