Dear FCDC Members,


  We hope that all of you are safe and healthy with your families at home.  In light of the recent eruption and continued highlighting of systemic issues in our society, I felt it was important to provide some follow up as myself and our board/council are, and have always been, allied in providing resources and tools to companies in our communities working towards a more equitable future.


We are very saddened and horrified by the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and Michael Lorenzo Dean. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and our Black communities as they continue to be barraged by these incidences. We cannot imagine the pain and struggle you are feeling!


We on the council support the lives of all people of color and especially the Black community as part of our mission. When these situations come to the front it takes a toll on all of us with varying degrees of ramifications. Our mission at the First Coast Diversity Council will remain to support our members, drive inclusiveness for all while providing awareness and education so we can continue to have a positive impact on our friends, colleagues, families and communities in which we live.


With our current focus on the Florida Diversity Learning Series, we are able to facilitate conversations about these systemic issues in our community in a safe and productive way, while providing the skills and guides on how to lead these conversations and foster change in organizations. Please keep an eye on our website for an announcement on the next series date as well as more tools and events.


As we have been talking about in the council the last several days/weeks we all have an opportunity to make a difference for the better.  While this will not change overnight, we can make this change one person at a time.  We appreciate all of your support, feedback and partnership during these times.  We are here for YOU!!


Your President,

Robert Mckimm