We hope that all of you had a great 2018 and also a nice time during the holidays with your family and friends.  The Board and I are so excited to kick off 2019 with all of you as we are expecting a great year in the council.  As you are probably noticing now our first exciting new announcement is the website.  Thank you to our partners at Branmarc Design Inc. and our Board member Tyler Walker (Communications Chair) for working so diligently over the last several months to make this happen.  We have added so many new features that will only enhance the experience for all of our current members and future members to come.  Visit our new website at www.firstcoastdiversitycouncil.com. If you have any feedback, suggestion or questions on the website please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on the board.

As we enter into 2019 we are very optimistic about creating an experience the continues to touch the roots of “Why” our council is in existence.  We as a council are here to be a partner to all of you, your companies and anyone in your network as we look to tackle the many opportunities as it pertains to the Diversity and Inclusion in North Florida.  We stand behind our mission “To be a resource that builds awareness, educates, influences, and supports the value of diversity in the First Coast Business and community sectors” and we want to serve you and your partners.  

In today’s economy as we all know there are opportunities around every corner and we will be your partner, support system and sounding board through your journey.  This coming year we are going to have a variety of ways to impact several topics.  This will start with a kick off mixer in February where we will begin to network as a group, brainstorm the hottest topics on our North Florida market place and kick off our journey of collaboration in 2019.  Please remember as a member company ANYONE in your organization is eligible to attend these events as titles, rank or status do no matter.  We want everyone in attendance so we can leverage the ideas, perspective and thoughts of everyone so we are all growing together.

Finally as we look into 2019 it is imperative we continue to grow our network in the community so if you know anyone that would be interested or benefit from the First Coast Diversity Council please refer them to myself or anyone on the board.  We want all of you to feel comfortable, welcome and safe in joining our discussions because you know at the FCDC you have a true partner in your corner.

Thank you for your participation in 2019 and we promise to create a lasting experience!

Your President,
Robert McKimm