Strategic Direction:

FCDC seeks to create an inclusive environment in which the talents, energies and aspirations of all people have an opportunity for full expression. We do this by promoting the business case for diversity in the Jacksonville business community. We believe that diversity is a strategic business issue that not only affects a company’s performance, productivity and morale, it also affects a company’s ability to attract and retain talent. Embracing and practicing diversity increases a company’s capacity to compete in an increasingly competitive domestic and global market place. The members of FCDC meet monthly, sponsoring activities that benefit individuals and companies. FCDC has created a Strategic Plan designed to elevate the growing field of diversity, inclusion and cultural competence.

Programmatic Focus:
The FCDC sponsors programs designed to achieve the following:

  • Provide opportunities for personal and professional self-development
  • Educate others about best practices and benchmarking strategies
  • Create an environment for engaging in open dialogue about difficult issues
  • Support and consult on diversity inclusions initiatives
  • Provide access to a strong network of diversity practitioners